You’ll want to Do This to assist Rescue Dogs in Your area

top prize is $500 donation to the ‘best’ rescue or shelter

Note: I’ve partnered with canine nation to bring you this post.

If you’re like me, you’re practically consumed with wanting to do much more to assist dogs in need.

You want to foster. You want to donate much more than you can afford. You want to embrace when it’s not realistic. Your spouse has produced some kind of “limit” on the number of animals you can have.

Plus, you most likely want to assist a particular rescue group or shelter that you care about as well as can associate to vs. contributing to a large, national organization you may not trust.

Well, here’s an simple method to help!

Take 3 minutes as well as nominate your preferred rescue group so it can win $500 in canine Nation’s Best Friend’s good friend Contest.

All you have to do is put in the name as well as web site of the group you wan to nominate, plus your own get in touch with info. É fácil!

It takes actually 3 minutes.

Then come back as well as let me understand in the comments what group you nominated.

More about the very best Friend’s good friend Contest

The finest Friend’s good friend contest is a contest where you can win a $500 donation to your preferred rescue group or shelter.

Nominations are being accepted now with Dec. 31, as well as voting takes location in January and February. You can vote when each day while voting is open. The group with the most votes by the end of February will win a $500 donation. Plus, there are second as well as third location prizes.

The finest Friend’s good friend contest was produced by Rodney Blow, who maintains the web site This is the contest’s second year.

The contest is developed so canine enthusiasts can nominate as well as vote on the shelters or rescues they believe are many deserving.

The nomination process is truly simple. You just go into the rescue or shelter’s name as well as web site, together with your own name as well as email and a sentence or two about why you’re nominating that group.

The shelter or rescue you nominate should have a web site as well as should be a registered non-profit organization, normally a 501(c)(3).

The prizes – $900 total!

First place: $500 donation, a long-term link from as well as the digital gold medal (above) for showing on the rescue’s own web site.

Second place: $300 donation, long-term link from canine Nation’s historic winners page as well as a silver medal.

Third place: $100 donation, long-term link as well as bronze medal.

I personally nominated the group I volunteer with, Labs & much more Rescue of San Diego. This is a group that rescues Labs, lab mixes as well as other big dogs from kill shelters in southern California as well as discovers them loving homes.

Which group will you nominate? let me understand in the comments!

I understand a few of you nominated your preferred groups last year, as well as one of them even won second place! So, this truly is a method you can make a difference, as well as I motivate all of you to make your nominations.

Reminders on the nomination as well as voting process

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Nominations for the very best Friend’s good friend contest are taking location now with Dec. 31.

The voting will take location in January as well as February.

The winners will be announced shortly after that!

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Which rescue group or shelter will you nominate?

Let me understand in the comments!

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